General Sale Information

Each expansion or tier the guild tries to provide carrying services to players on and off server who are looking to exchange gold for a run through the current content. This allows the guild to provide repairs and consumables the raid teams. Please review the page in its entirety before making a decision on purchasing a run.

  • You are not expected to know mechanics or any of the encounters for your purchase. On certain fights you may be asked to kill yourself or stand at a certain marker the entire fight in order to avoid a mechanic that could wipe or slow down the raid.
  • The payments may be divided or expected up front depending on the leader of the carry and/or type of run. At minimum HALF of the payment will be expected before the first pull.
  • If you are purchasing a PERSONAL loot run, and a shared item to another purchaser drops to a main raider you may roll the other buyers for it.
  • If you are purchasing a MASTER loot run you are only entitled to your token, and the following equipment slots: Head, Chest, Wrist, Gloves, Legs, Feet & Shoulders. Rings, Cloaks, Necks, and Relics will be rolled between the other one or two buyers.
  • We are not responsible for your luck. If gear doesn’t drop for you that does not entitle you to a refund.

Tomb of Sargeras Prices

Mythic +15 – 400,000g – Clearing this will give you 1 piece of 930 gear in the chest located inside your order hall on reset day, only for the week that you clear the +15. We will provide the key.

Normal Full Clear (Personal Loot) – 450,000g – You may roll other buyers for items that drop to main raiders of the same other type if there are multiple.

Normal Full Clear (Master Loot) – 2,000,000g- Your armor type and tier token are given to you, with the exception of those listed above that are shared.

Heroic Full Clear (Personal Loot) – Not yet available

Heroic Full Clear (Master Loot) – Not yet available

Guldan Mount (100% Drop Rate) – 8,500,000g