Nythendra progression

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    I was reviewing warcraft logs for our two last mythic attempts and decided to make a post instead of chatting about it.

    • We had 9 attempts (in two hours) on Tuesday and 10 attempts on Thursday (in one hour)
    • We had considerably more healing done on Tue (like 30% more). However, HPS is approximately the same. Mostly caused by some healers dying early.
    • We did much better on bugs second time. 188 hits vs 97 hits. Also half of a damage received: 191m vs 93m. For me personally, I was 5th worst Tue (12 hits) and 6th worst Thu (7 hits), so there’s room for improvement. Award for bugs goes to Forcing – only 5 hits on Tue (Tank) and 1 hit on Thu (DPS).
    • We’re still dropping stacks randomly behind the healers/ranged instead of forming lines to Nythendra. Because of that we’re getting a lot of stacks and mind controls after the second phase (assuming we’re still alive)
    • We have a warlock in the team, but people don’t really use healthstones
    • We had some (9 in both cases) deaths because Nythendra lost aggro on tanks during mind control phase.
    • Quite a few people are getting hit by her breath. Some are like 10 times.

    But, anyway, Thursday attempt was much better, even with PUGs.

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