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Mythic Archimonde Dead!

Written by Cran on . Posted in Content

Mythic Archie is down! After several pulls, he finally fell. Not too shabby for a casual 2 day guild. Even though its been a tough tier for us at Scrubless, with dedication and a very solid management core  and dedicated raiders, we persevered. Great job guys, and I want to give a special thanks to those who helped us get to where we are, even if you weren't around to get this kill with us, without you we wouldn't be here today. Although it started out a tough tier, we finished strong. Now on to Legion and 4 more months of farm! RIP.


Moving forward, if you would like to join our ranks, submit an app, or get with an officer in game.





-Scrubless (US-Thrall) 2016

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